Owner of Brandywine Jewelry SupplyHi,

My name is Lisa Allen and I am a part-time jewelry enthusiast turned full-time jewelry supplies business owner.

I got interested in jewelry-making back in 2003 as a way of de-stressing from a highly demanding job in the programming department of a software company.

My job there was highly left-brain, code crunching work, and between upheavals in the management of the company, the long crowded commute, and the longer hours to meet software release schedules, I was having a hard time keeping balance in my life. I’m sure you know what I mean when I say I needed something to help me switch gears and forget about work. In short, I needed to get into my ‘right mind’ and tap my creative side to survive.

The first time someone ever showed me a piece of wire wrapped jewelry I was blown away by the beauty and intricacy that had been created just with simple wire and a pair of pliers. I’ve always been happy working with my hands so I decided to start learning wire-wrapping.

Eventually, it was a natural progression from making my own jewelry to also buying supplies in bulk and sharing my finds with other jewelry crafting enthusiasts– and Brandywine Jewelry Supply was born.

What’s in a Name?

I’ve been asked before, why did we name our business ‘Brandywine’?

The answer is simple- when I first heard the name of the river running through the Shire in the Hobbit, I imagined a river running full of gold and rubies! With a visual like that, it was the perfect name for a jewelry supply business!

The Essential Ingredient – YOU!

One of the things I love the most about being in this business is having the opportunity to see all of the creativity that comes out of the hands and hearts of my customers as you bead, wrap, stitch, sculpt, and design your dream jewelry into reality.

While the jewelry making components we sell are beautiful, wonderful, and fascinating and I really enjoy working with them myself,  it’s that extra spark of creativity added by each of YOU that makes them into something astonishing and unique.

Thank YOU for sharing in our jewelry-making passion!

All the best,
Lisa Allen