I Pick You – How to Make A Guitar Pick Necklace DIY

Pick is a piece of flat tool used for guitars. They are generally made of plastic (nylon, Delrin, celluloid), rubber, felt, tortoiseshell, wood, metal, glass, tagua, or stone. There have been many innovations in the design of the guitar pick.

Source: http://www.plectrumpicker.co.uk/

Did you know: Physical evidence of the first pick does not exist but some of the ancestors of the plectrum does. One of theses first used pick was made from the outer casing of an Atlantic Hawksbill Sea Turtle. This was the first patented guitar pick in the U.S. used to play an 8-string banjo/mandolin combo. The designer of this pick was John Farris of Hartford Connecticut in 1885.

My husband is a musician, a guitarist that he is. He has many guitars, from acoustic to electric guitars, from the affordable to expensive ones and these guitars come with different guitar picks too. I was cleaning his music room and saw a box of guitar picks from used to new ones and asked him why he’s been keeping a lot of it? Can he use them all? He said it’s part of his collections and well, he used most of them. Anyway, my husband is in a local band that plays blues and seeing him only wears bracelet as part of his accessory, I thought that maybe I can use those picks I saw in a box as his jewelry. I searched online and saw that guitar picks can be indeed used as pendants! Wow!

Source: http://craftbits.com/project/guitar-pick-necklace/

Isn’t it cool?! I love this idea! It is both simple and rock n’ roll. Actually, this leather necklace with guitar pick pendant can be worn by both female and male, couple or not. It can also be a bond if couples are into music, right?

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/243405554834093263/

Source: http://en.dawanda.com/product/32845573-Silver-Fingerprint-Guitar-Pick-Necklace-for-Dad

By seeing these online, I thought of doing it, too. But since I have a very hyper 3 year old son who loves music and musical instruments it is difficult for me to finish such project. He keeps on bugging me to give him the picks!

But here’s how to do it: (Credits to this talented woman)

DIY: Guitar Pick Necklace

Source: Emma Smith

Simple DIY project! And there you have it, a necklace made for you and your man. Or you can simply make one for your man alone. Cheers!